Adventures in DC Library Kindle Lending

One of my more practical bucket list goals for the year was to join the DC library. I love owning books and being able to reread them from time to time, or lend them to friends, but I see how silly it is to buy books I'll only read once and perhaps can't talk anyone else into reading. Since I'm in two book clubs that ends up happening a fair bit these days. So this fall I went to the Foggy Bottom library and got myself a library card. I was so proud of myself and all the money I would save by dutifully visiting the library  to check out all my book club books. You know where this is going right? Despite my good intentions I haven't been back to the library once in the four months since I joined. Mwap Mwap.

Then for Christmas, Prince Michael gave me a Kindle Fire (which I LOVE). I've been resistant to the idea of abandoning regular print books but I have to say I love basically everything about the Kindle. It is, however, dangerously easy to buy books on the kindle, and so tempting to do so. In the first few weeks I'd already bought 4 books. Eeek! This was when I decided to revisit the library idea. A friend told me they had kindle lending and so they do. If you go to the DC library page they will direct you to Overdrive where it's easy to add the DC library, enter your library card number and start browsing. I'll admit it does take a few steps on a few websites to get everything set up but then the lending is pretty easy. Search for books on Overdrive, add yourself to the wait list (most current books seem to have one) and then download the book once it's available (you'll need to log in to Kindle for this last step). You have 3 weeks to borrow the book once it's downloaded and then my understanding is it will just disappear from your Kindle once the 3 weeks are up. I feel an unjustifiable sense of pride over this recent achievement, especially since library e-book lending is not new. 

Tell me, have you all been doing kindle lending for awhile?

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  1. I've been renting from 2 of our local libraries via Kindle and Overdrive and I love it. It's totally the best. Even better, some of the smaller libraries in the area have joined together so now I have the collections of 4 libraries to choose from and no late fees! Evil (slightly) trick. If you're not quite done with a book and it's due back soon, turn off your wifi. This of course means you can't get anymore, but if you really want to finish it without buying or going back on the wait list...

  2. wow, I had no idea you could do this!! Any idea if it works with the iPad reader or do you have to have a Kindle? I'm going to look into that..

  3. Ellie that's amazing! Thanks for the tip!

    Lori, I think it works for a bunch of different e-readers so I'm guessing Ipad would work :)


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