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 We've hit the quarter mark of my 29th year (which means, gulp, I'll be 30 in 9 months!) so I wanted to check in on the old bucket list. Let me tell you, putting a goal in writing, and in my case, online makes it so much easier to follow through. I've knocked 7 things off the list which feels like good progress at this point. In full disclosure, I've also edited two items on my list. I had initially thought skeet shooting would be great, but then upon reflection thought really, if I'm aspiring to be like Katniss (I am) then archery lessons would be more appropriate. So that's a new item. Also, after a trip to Vermont I'm dying to see Maine, so I've put that above a trip out west which is a little less original since I went to college in CA and have been out west maybe 10 times. So I'm a bucket list cheater, there it is.

Now as, to the items I've accomplished! I think you all heard enough about the civil war reenactment, although I'd gladly talk more about it! I also noted the brunch and my trip to Hillwood. I also shared my idyllic blueberry picking excursion in my Vermont part II post. And I'm sure you haven't forgotten about my fig tree (which I have not killed, I'll have you know!) which took care of planting a tree at Highclere. Although I'm hoping to plant more trees this fall.

Which means the only two items I haven't told you about are reading Wuthering Heights, which I really liked and my trip to the crab truck which was meh. I was so optimistic about the crab truck experience, but what can I say, it wasn't a Maryland style crab cake so it was disappointing. It wasn't bad per se. Just nothing to write home about.

Now, I think you're all sufficiently up to date on my bucket list. Anyone have any good pie recipe recommendations? I'm not really a pumpkin pie person, but anything else I would open to!

Lindsey’s 29th Year Bucket List
1.       Go Camping
2.       Take Zoe sheep herding
3.       Make homemade fruit roll ups
4.       Go to a Civil War reenactment
5.       Watch a polo match
6.       Host a Brunch
7.       Cook Mussels
8.       Read an Earnest Hemingway book
9.       Take jumping pictures in front of the capital
10.   Get Zoe on Daily Puppy
11.   Learn Photoshop
12.   Brunch at L’Efant café
13.   Early Morning Trip to Zoo
14.   Sailing lessons
15.   Read Wuthering Heights
16.   Capitol Dome Tour
17.   Hillwood Estate
18.   Take a painting class/or drinking painting event
19.   Visit the Crab Truck
20.   Blueberry picking
21.   Make a pie
22.   Brunch at Masa 14
23.   Take a polo lesson
24.   Perfect the bloody mary!
25.   Jazz in the Sculpture Garden
26.   Get a DC Library Card
27.   Trip to Maine
28.   Archery Lesson
29.   Plant a tree in our new yard

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  1. Oh can I volunteer to be a part of #1, 7, or 21?!

  2. Yes! I would love that! Perhaps we could start with 7 or 21!

  3. I love this list and you are making excellent progress! I second the comment above and also highly recommend "The Sun Also Rises" for #8!


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