Last weekend we went camping and canoeing with a group of friends near front royal Virginia and had such a great time.

Historically, I haven't been such a great camper, not that I've had much experience with it. MoCo, excellent mother that she is, took Kerry and I camping once when we were kids, and we, ungrateful little beasts that we were, absolutely insisted on being driven to a McDonald's to use the facilities. Shameful, I know. I've had a secret suspicion though, that now that I'm a touch older (cough 30 in two weeks cough) I would actually really like camping, so I listed it as item #1on my bucket list and I'm glad I did.

Even though it had been raining for days and it was supposed to rain that night we all decided to chance it and drove out Friday after work. Thankfully the rain stopped before we got to the site and other than a little mud the campsite was no worse for the wear. The good news is that the campsite was beautifully situated on the Shenandoah river near these badass old traintracks. The bad news is that the campsite was packed. Like, really packed. There were two fields and one was full of a rather too lively group of individuals if you grab my meaning so we headed over to the more quiet though still very packed field and set up. A friendly gentleman informed us that actually that field was so full because it was an annual AA meeting and in fact we might want to move our tent because there would be a huge bonfire meeting the next night. ha!

On Saturday we woke up and at a leisurely pace got ready to do some canoeing. The set up was pretty sweet because the busses took us up the river and then we canoed right back to the campsite at the end of the day. As you can see I bought Zoe a stylish lifevest which she obviously hated. We ended up taking it off of her halfway through the ride and then of course she fell in. Little champion that she is she popped right back up and was pulled back into the canoe. This doesn't mean she didn't give us dirty look for the rest of the afternoon because I assure you, she did.

Also, check out my lady like posture in this photo. I just know Jane Austen would not approve.

We were all pretty beat by the end of the canoe ride so Saturday was a pretty early night. Sunday morning Zoe and I got up before the rest of the gang and spent some quiet time by the water reciting poetry and what. I kid. The we had delicious grilled bagels with tomato and avocado (thanks Matt and Lori!) and hit the road. Me dragging Mike antique shopping the everyone else heading home like sensible individuals.

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