Guys. I bought a juicer and I'm obsessed with it. I'm afraid this means you're going to think I'm some sort of crazy hippie dippy person now, but seriously, juicers are awesome.

It all started when I watched this movie. Truthfully, the movie is only mediocre, but to the benefits of juicing I think it's pretty convincing. As I've discussed before, I'm all about trying to eat more fruits and vegetables as opposed to focusing on eating less of anything. Much more fun that way. So I bought this juicer at Target somewhat on a whim, half expecting it would end up at goodwill after being neglected long enough. Not so friends. I was hooked after the first juice!

What's great about juice is, wait for it, it tastes good! For some reason I was emotionally preparing myself for juice (from the juicer) to be gross, but that is simply not the case. Every combination of fruits and vegetables I've thrown together thus far has ended up being delightful. Would I rather have a milkshake. Yes, probably. But do I like the juice? Yes!

The downside is it does feel a touch wasteful. Some items are juiced more successfully than others, but to create a glass of juice there is a fair bit of pulp which is going to waste. I do compost the pulp, so I like to think it's not going completely to waste, but still, it's a big portion of the fruits/vegetables that I'm buying and not eating. On the whole I still feel pretty great about the whole juicing situation.

Side note: I actually had a few issues with the first juicer I bought so I returned it and upgraded to a Breville. It was definitely a big purchase but since I've been juicing regularly, and hope to continue to do so for a long time I decided it was worth the initial investment.

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