John Downs Dog Beach

 Since the weather last weekend was awesome Mike and I loaded up the precious cargo and headed out to a dog beach! Guys. This beach was tiny. Like really quite petite. But still fun! There were a bunch of labradors and golden retrievers bounding through the waves with sheer delight on their faces. That would be almost the exact opposite of Zoe's dog beach behavior. I believe I’ve mentioned before that Zoe loves the water, but doesn’t actually swim. She wades in like a senior citizen and then lowers her body in, but won’t go beyond where she can comfortably stand.  Basically she’s a sally. But a cute sally, I think we can all agree.

Afterwards we headed towards Annapolis in search of crab cakes! Mike’s yelp search led us to some restaurant whose name I cannot remember but which had a surprisingly tropical feel. I thought the crab cakes were only so so for being so close to the bay, but Mike was more pleased with them, And the deck area was pretty sweet. It was a pretty good half day trip and would be worth repeating.


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  1. Zoe is so adorable and reminds me a little of my family's dog, Rocky, when he was younger!


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