Oh Hey Rooster

For a couple of years now I've been wanting to take an art class. I have ahem, not quite gotten it together to make that happen, so instead I did the cheater version. I signed up for one of Living Social's Sippin and Painting classes with some of my very favorite lady friends. Not really a painting class but still a delightful time in my humble opinion. For $29 you get a 1/2 bottle of wine, everything you need to paint, and someone to explain the process to you. Because I couldn't be bothered to research the event beforehand I didn't realize we would all be painting apples until we got there and saw a picture of apples taped to everyone's easel. Mwap mwap.

But Lori and I, being the adventurous women that we are, actually decided to just try copying a random rooster painting that was left on the floor and I think that turned out pretty well. I heart my little rooster. And more importantly, I heart the one I copied off of that also came home to live with me. Voila! New art for me. I would definitely go back again.

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