Crumpton Auction & A Mini Adventure to the Eastern Shore

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it my friends. That's what I've done here. It took me in the neighborhood of 4 years to make it happen but I've FINALLY made it to the Dixon's Furniture Auction in Crumpton, MD. Here's the deal with the Crumpton Auction. It's every Wednesday, pretty much in the middle of nowhere on the eastern shore of beautiful Maryland.

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Because the auction starts pretty early in the morning we decided to spend the night before in a B&B in Chestertown which is just a 15 minute drive from the auction. Chestertown by the by is teeny teeny tiny but also idyllic and full of charming old houses. We got out to Chestertown around 8 and checked into an incredibly kitchy B&B before heading out to dinner. Choosing a restaurant turned out to be pretty easy since there was only one restaurant in town which was still open. We sat on the restaurants deck on the water watching the boats go by as we drank a few brewskies. Would that it were the way all of my Tuesdays are.

The next morning we were up early to head over to the auction. There are actually 3 auctions going on simultaneously (2 indoors and 1 on a field outside) and our rookie mistake was first going to the one with the worst stuff. Still watching an auctioneer drive around in a golf cart with a sizeable group of people surrounding him while bidding was pretty entertaining. I feel like it is my civic duty to tell you that if you go in July you should know the field has zero shade and you might feel like you are walking around the Sahara while the sun beats down on you. Eventually we retreated to the indoor auctions which at least on the day we went had better stuff. There was an auction for little knick knacks, playboys, old toys, what have you, and one for furniture. I was a little bummed that by the time we got indoors a lot of the furniture had already gone but again I enjoyed just watching the auctioneer in action.

In the end we left empty handed (did I mention I didn't even remember to bring cash hahhahahah) but I would definitely love to go back now that I have a little more know how about the whole situation, for instance, you need to bring cash. 

On the way back to DC we stopped in Annapolis for a little lunch and a sweaty 100 degree day stroll around the hood. I do love Annapolis and it was nice being there on a weekday when the crows are a little more manageable. Such a winning Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully this can be repeated sometime in the fall.

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