I Made a Pie!

When it comes to dessert pie is pretty low down on my priority list. But I do love desserts of the fruit variety and pies sure are pretty so I decided to make one on for the 4th of July. And it only took me one short month for me to document it here on the old bloggy blog!

 I found this recipe on Pinterest and I think it's a real winner. It felt like blueberries were allowed to shine on their own without too much filler. I often think pies are a little too mushy, with a little too much going on in the filling, but that was not the case with this little gem. I probably won't be making pies often but its good to know I have at least one solid recipe I can make for future bbqs and American themed holidays.

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  1. It is picture-perfect! Pie always intimidates me but maybe I'll give this one a try!


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