Back to Antietam

 I'm afraid I might be revealing myself as a bit of a nerd here (TOO LATE!!), but let's talk about my recent trip to Antietam anyway. As some of you may recall Kerry and I went to a reenactment at Antietam Battlefield last summer. Or sorry, let me rephrase that. Apparently I went to a reenactment really close to Antietam Battlefield last year. That's right. Kerry and I were having a little convo about Antietam and she happened to mention that the reenactment we saw last year actually didn't take place on the battlefields but on some nearby random field. "You thought that was the battlefield?" she said with true disbelief. Here I was thinking I was such a civil war historian when in fact it turns out I was just a noodle.  No reenactments on battlefields Kerry tells me. Apparently that's a thing.  

So last weekend when Kerry and I took a little day trip to Shepherdstown I insisted that I just HAD to see the real deal. And guys it is beautiful. Also a little sad. Did I mention I finally read this book? It was a little longer than it needed to be in my opinion but still an interesting read with some real comic gems mixed in there. I'd still love to see another reenactment when my schedule permits such silliness.

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