I Shan't Mention it Again

I recently explained to Mike that February is the worst month of the year. Obviously I have a long list of well thought out and compelling reasons why this is the case and I shared them all with Mike while we trudged to the metro one slushy morning. I waited for Mike to get in on the fun* (yeah February is the worst!, Eff February!!, Screw this month!) but was met instead with silence. And then: "Lindsey, you do know you tell me this every February don't you"? Guys I have given him this exact spiel not once or twice before, but actually every year of our relationship or so I'm told. That is to say, I have given this speech many (many) times. Poor guy. Winter's really not my thing but I don't wish to drive anyone to the point of insanity with my complaints. For this reason I am making a little note here to remind myself not to tell Mike or anyone else next year how much I dislike February and certainly not to make it into an annual monologue I share with anyone who happens to be within 5 feet of me on a cold day... even if February truly is the worst month . And really, it's hard to be mad at February right now when it keeps giving me beautiful snowy days. I listen to Bing Crosby croon Christmas Carols while I walk the dogs and admire our neighborhood with a layer of snow on top. Also, Zoe LOVES the snow and because I love Zoe I keep rooting for the snow for her sake. Also I think my chances of moving to Vermont are better the less I say about my distaste for February. So there's that too.

*Am I the only one that enjoys lambasting months as a sort of festive sport?

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  1. The best part about this story is that I can TOTALLY hear every part of this conversation between you two as if you were here having it in front of me. You guys crack me up. But I agee, February sux.


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