The Weekend (Cabin Edition)


While I'm not an expert camper (yet!) I did have a great time camping with some friends last summer and was eager to sign up for another weekend out of the city. One of our actual expert camper friends had talked up the joys of camping in March and so Mike and I agreed to an early March camping trip. I was a little skeptical since cold weather isn't really my thing but I thought braving the cold would be worth it to avoid the summer camping crowds (please refer back to accidentally camping in the middle of an AA reunion).The initial plan was tent camping, but since we had snow last week and it was still pretty frigid leading up to the weekend we decided to go for a cabin instead. We found a place west of Frederick that offered tree-house camping and thought that would be perfect.

As you can probably see from the photo above the term tree-house is a bit of an exaggeration for what is happening here. I would say this cabin was about 6 feet off the ground.... and not in a tree. Even still it was a pretty campground and the cabin we stayed in slept 6 people and had a sweet wood burning stove. We had a little trouble figuring out the stove situation the first night (read we spent hours sitting in a freezing smoke filled room) BUT once we got it working properly it was glorious and so cozy to be inside. The weekend itself involved a great hike with the dogs, and a quick trip to Harpers Ferry which is a little campy but worth seeing at least once.

I'm hoping we can plan one more camping/cabining trip this year since I so love taking little vacays with Zoe. Ahem and my friends.

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