I believe I've mentioned before that I am very enthusiastic about bagels. Have I also mentioned that while I believe DC to be a really a lovely city that for some reason you have to go to Panera to get a decent bagel? I literally cringe as I write that but it's so true. Due to said enthusiasm for bagels and the existing dearth of options I've been wanting to see exactly how hard it is to make bagels at home. I even included in on the old bucket list. So last weekend I used my new potions book to whip up some home made bagels (!) Let's talk high lows shall we?

1) They were delicious. Really. I've quite proud of myself. I basically can't stop talking about how great this book is. Also,I know they look a little wonky but they definitely tasted like bagels.

2) They were unfortunately still fairly labor intensive and involved both boiling them on the stove top and then  baking them on a pizza stone in a super hot oven... and that's a hard pill to swallow on an 80 degree day in a house with no central air. Basically they are a good party trick but I can't see myself regularly making bagels even if they were pretty legit. I will however need to try them at least one more time with chocolate chips involved since that's really my kind of bagel.

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