We've been back from Ireland for about a month now and I miss it. The weather on this trip tested our fortitude (rain, cold, gale force winds! - did you even know that was a thing?) but it was still an amazing trip. And as the Irish were quick to point out, we have the seemingly never-ending rain to thank for the luscious green of the countryside. Also. There were rainbows. Lots of them. Photos to come. For now you'll have to settle for these cow photos from Doolin which for some reason seem to be my favorite photos from the trip.

Shortly after our return I read a couple of books MoCo gave me years ago. Heaven's to Betsy and Betsy in spite of herself. I don't know how I'd made it so long without having come upon the Betsy Tacy series but let me tell you in just the same way I must see PE Island per the Anne of Green Gables books I have now added Mankato MN to my travel wishlist because of the Betsy Tacy books. I'm not sure who I will talk into this pilgrimage, perhaps some sort of bribery is in order. No offence Mankato, obviously.

I also recently read The Dirty Life which is one of those books about someone trading in their city life to become a farmer. I've read a few books from this genre before and I've been pretty ambivalent about them, but THIS book has really got me itching to become a farmer. Due to some practical and logistical challenges,  (lack of farm, lack of farming knowledge, etc.) for now I'm settling for simply referring to myself as a farmer. I do after all have 2 raised garden beds and a herding dog. Kind of. As a part of my new farmer lifestyle I now ask people at the farmers market what type of cow the milk came from (Jersey Cows!) and I've been trying to figure out how I can get in on a CSA. I've also acquired poison ivy. Fitting.

Also in just two weeks I'll be 31. Where does the time go.

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