Vermont Part 1

I finally sorted through *some* of my Vermont pictures and it makes me want to plan a trip back asap. I had such a great time and am so grateful we could squeeze this short trip in before the move to Highclere. 

As I mentioned before, we decided to make this a road trip so we could stop and visit with family and friends in upstate NY. After a quick stop in Oneonta, Mike and I spent Friday night in Albany with a friend. We got up bright and early Saturday morning to have breakfast in Saratoga Springs before heading into Vermont. We stopped briefly to look at antiques, and then booked it for Burlington. Because we were staying in central/southern Vermont I didn't do any advance research on Burlington and didn't know what to expect. If you have not been to Burlington let me tell you it is STUNNING. There is also a bustling little downtown with lots of open air restaurants and these fun painted bears all over the place.

After we parked we had a quick lunch at American Flatbread (which was excellent), then decided to look for a bike rental place so we could explore the area on bikes. We found a cheap place close to the water, rented two bikes, and took their recommendation of biking an 8 mile path that follows the shoreline. It was a nice flat ride (my favorite kind) and the views were great. We passed a lot of cute little beaches including a dog beach.

After our bike ride we were pretty tired and ready to head to Woodstock to check into the Kedron Valley Inn where we were booked to stay for three nights. The Inn is a few miles away from Woodstock proper so we got to drive through Woodstock on our way to the Inn. I was so pleased with myself and my trip planning genius when I saw how cute the town and the Inn were. I don't think I could have chosen better if I do say so myself.

After checking in and getting settled we went to town for a late dinner and found the options were pretty limited. So we chose the one open restaurant. ha! It reminded me of the scene in My Cousin Vinny where Vinny is looking at the menu that has only three options: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Anyway the restaurant was lovely so we were happy with the outcome.

On Sunday we had the complimentary breakfast at the Inn (which was great) and then set off to see Middlebury and as many covered bridges as we could (Mike is such a good sport). We roughly followed one of the tours from the lonely planet trips book just doing a shortened version.

Middlebury was smaller than I thought it would be but it had so many great little shops and restaurants, no tacky touristy shops as you see in so many other touristy places.

After our quick stop in Middlebury we headed towards Warren to have lunch at the Warren General Store based on a lonely planet recommendation. We ordered a couple of sandwiches and sat outside at some picnic tables to enjoy them with the view.

Afterwards we pressed on to covered bridge glory and even threw in a floating bridge stop for good measure.


That night we took a quick dip in the spring fed pond out back and then had dinner on the porch of the Kedron Valley Inn. Like so many restaurants we saw in Vermont, the Kedron Valley Inn was dedicated to sourcing local seasonal ingredients. Everything tasted wonderful (the ice cream!!!) and sitting on the patio as the sun went down was the perfect way to close out a successful bridge viewing day.

Now for anyone who might be depressed that this long anticipated post is over I don't want you to panic. soon as I get myself in order I will post EVEN MORE Vermont photos!

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  1. Everything is so beautiful and quaint! I love New England :)

  2. You've inspired me to go visit Vermont!

  3. Loving your pics so far! It seems that your much-awaited Vermont trip was everything you hoped it would be and more :) Looking forward to Part II!


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